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David Tobin to Lead a Roundtable at the Build a Better Agency Summit

Build your business to be sustainable, scaleable, and sell-able.

David Tobin, the Managing Partner and Founder of TobinLeff, will be speaking to business owners at the Agency Management Institute’s upcoming Build a Better Agency Summit from May 24 to 25, 2022 in downtown Chicago.

David will be leading an engaging roundtable discussion on the topic of how to strategically build your business. He will also be presenting multiple actionable steps that you can take now to prepare your company for a lucrative exit payday. The discussion will then be followed by a Q&A session with David, where you'll have the opportunity to address any questions that arose during the talk or simply ask anything about M&A that may have already been on your mind. Come prepared for an educational and informative discussion!

This roundtable will be an exclusive and limited-seating event. Join us and learn from an expert in the M&A industry on the in's and out's of how you can build your agency to be more sustainable, scalable, and sell-able so that you are ready to pull the trigger on selling your business when the right moment comes — even if selling your business is still years away.

If you are interested in attending the entire event, you can enter the code TOBINLEFF200 during checkout for a $200 discount off your purchase. This is an event that business owners will not want to miss. Tickets are available for purchase here for a limited time.

You can learn more about how the TobinLeff team walks with business owners through the mergers and acquisitions process in its entirety by accessing our various articles and podcasts. Click here to stay in the know about any future TobinLeff events so that you're always up to date on the latest M&A industry insights and trends. Our team is always available and welcomes the opportunity to be a resource to you and your business.