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Podcast on The M&A Experience & Commanding Top Dollar for Your Company

Podcast on M&A and commanding top dollar for your business when you sell a company

David Tobin, the Founder and Managing Partner of TobinLeff, was recently invited to be a guest speaker on the Going Deep with Aaron Watson Podcast to brainstorm mergers and acquisitions and best practices to maximize an exit payday. Aaron produces thought-provoking content to help listeners expand their view of possibilities. Some of the questions addressed and topics discussed included in this episode include:

  • How to plan now for a future liquidity event?
  • What are the value drivers that will increase a company's selling price?
  • Who are the buyers for marketing services and professional services companies?
  • Is growing through acquisitions a winning strategy for building business value?
  • How will your vision and mission impact your exit payday?

Click here to watch the video podcast. If you're interested in learning more about maximizing your business value or selling your company, you can visit our resources page or contact a partner today.