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Scott Leff Speaks on Exit Planning at the Agency Growth Events

An Exit Plan is essential for every business owner.

TobinLeff partner Scott Leff recently had the pleasure of speaking to business owners at the Agency Growth Events summit. Scott presented to them the various elements of an Exit Plan and detailed why having an Exit Plan is essential for every business owner, no matter which stage of business growth they currently find themselves in.

Nearly 100% of agency owners believe that an Exit Plan is an integral element for the future of their financial security, but only 15% of owners actually have a formal, written Exit Plan in place for their business. At TobinLeff, our team believes that the most important explanation for this disconnect amongst business owners may be the most basic one of all: while the overall idea of an Exit Plan seems to make sense, most agency owners do not really know what an Exit Plan is or where to start when they go to create one.

You can watch the short fifteen minute presentation here, or find it on the TobinLeff YouTube channel. Tune in and learn from Scott's in-depth expertise on the following topics:

  • How crafting an Exit Plan today can set your business up for maximum returns for a successful and profitable future exit or sale of your business
  • Which potential Exit Plan option is the best for your personal and professional goals as well as the future of your company
  • What typical formulas are used in a business valuation
  • And more industry-leading mergers and acquisitions insights.

You can find additional information on how to sell your company from a position of strength in our White Papers, our podcasts, and our Resources page.

Feel free to contact Scott or any of the partners with your questions on mergers and acquisitions and to learn how TobinLeff can help you develop your exit strategy, even if you are not ready to sell your business today.